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domenica 1 novembre 2015

  Ever existed in ancient times people who worshipped the Goddess, the Great Mother, in the Mediterranean area? Has there been a long period of peace, in devotion to the Goddess, without war and violence? Before Greeks? And wich were its rituals and its daily life? 

 This book on the islands of Crete and Cyprus, born from the trips in the last years, answers these questions. It is a notebook of a detailed investigation on the origins of the cult of the Mother in the Aegean Sea before the beginning of the greek civilization. Furthermore, the author highlights, in a simple way, how geometric forms in the nature and art decorations have the same origin, and shows the connections beetween them.
Through the cult of the Great Mother and the myths of Astarte and Aphrodite, through the symbols of the spiral, of the dove, and from the swastica to the labyrinth of Minos, you are accompanied in a beautiful interesting journey, manifold, rich in news, images and references.

Susanna Casale is an artist, painter and restorer, fond of Art History and a travel lover. Spiritual seeker, she is interested in spiritual and primordial aspects of traditional art, especially of Mesoamerican, Mexican and Mediterranean civilizations.


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In this space of the blog I introduce and I expose some of my artwork paintings. It is a pleasure for me if something of your interest finds. This is original painting art, decorative paintings, sketch, landscape,book art. Good visit.
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